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10 Kitchen Vent Cooker Hood Designs and Ideas

10 Kitchen Vent Cooker Hood Designs and Ideas - CIARRA

Organizing a kitchen is a huge task, it is certainly not a cakewalk and the amount of courage it takes to trust the process requires a mammoth of patience too. More than the result, the process is anxious because one tends to self-doubt often that what would be the result of the effort and the minatory investment that one makes. 

If you are building a new house or getting an older one modernized and renovated, then you must be exploring around to find the best designer for your kitchen. Especially, when it comes to fixing chimneys w.r.t how they should be fixed inside the interior that will be in sync with the whole concept of your house.

To get your vent cooker hoods a great infrastructural cover and to make it sound easy for you CIARRA brings you some of the classy design recommendations by competent interior designers:

  1. A classic design by Kara Cox Interiors

This design in all white will complement the whole house because of its evergreen and refreshing appeal. The design of the cabinets makes the duct well-covered and can also be used if you wish to put integrated cooker hoods over the cooktops.

  1. A subway Tile design by Bowerbird

This particular design paints a very modern as well as a free picture of your kitchen space. The cooker hood area is a subway design that carries the wall-mount quite decently, giving a modern look to the kitchen matching with slate color cabinets.

  1. A sleek blue and white combo design by Randall Architects

The blue lower cabinets will set the cool color of the kitchen while the white cabinets with a classic design will steal the show. The décor will enhance the ventilation too because of the color of the design.

  1. A stunning design by Wesley Wayne

The ‘Venetian meets Mediterranean’ theme-based elegant kitchen design with a chandelier above the shelf will make the kitchen 

  1. Bright Tudor concept by Vani Sayeed

The bright Tudor will add a unique grace to your kitchen when your kitchen chimney hood will fit in this charming form of a hood.

  1. Sophisticated gray by Kelley Flynn

The flawless stricture if the wall mount renders the kitchen a well-organized and modern look. If the design is re-crafted a little, then it can successfully embrace integrated cooker hoods as well.

  1. Tudor with modern by Mira Rao

The design of the kitchen goes well with the Tudor houses yet making the kitchen look modern with a royal looking cover-up of the kitchen hood. This design of the stainless steel cover of the chimney is an excellent idea.

  1. Exquisite design by Jeanne Finnerty

This idea by Jean Finnerty is an impeccable example of a kitchen hood design where you can install both cabinet and duct cooker hoods as per your choice because the curvy and heavy steel cover gives the kitchen a classy touch.

  1. Graceful and refreshing wooden design by Ghar 360

The sleek wooden design by Ghar 360 is a treat to the eyes that will make your duct pipe look organized and in symmetry with the whole kitchen space.

  1. Beautifully done glossy chimney cooker-hood by House Beautiful

The glossy chimney hood makes the kitchen area look fascinating and every fancied place to be. The colors and contrast make your space look enchanting, elegant, and comforting.

These plush designs by various artists will help you lake a leap of faith because pictures speak a thousand words of aesthetics, elegance, and mellifluous representations.

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