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CIARRA launches touch control induction hob with assisted cooking

best induction hobs
If you have used induction oven before, you will understand how seamless it is to choose your cooking mode and time. However, the older and conventional cooking appliances often come with complicated design such as lengthy tangling wires, too many manual buttons, open burner rings and so on. Even in terms of safety, many hobs available in the market tend to compromise, probably thinking that adults who use these would not face any accident. Whether it is for adjusting the heating process or adding safety lock, there are a few features that you might want from the new-age induction cooking hobs and CIARRA makes sure your cooking process is never hampered.    
best induction hobs


Touch Control Features To Look Out For

CIARRA makes sure that like the modern touchscreen Smartphones, you enjoy the same ease of operation while cooking. Thereby, the energy-efficient and high-power cooktops come with touch control panel for convenience –

  • Sensor Touch

For those induction hobs with one and two cooking zones, you will get to choose temperature from 60 degrees to 240 degrees Centigrade. The black glass surface immediately detects the touch and sets temperature accordingly.   

  • Digital Timer

According to the item you are cooking, there is no need to stay hours in front of the hob as there is a touchscreen timer function that allows you to choose timer of 3 hours by which the cooking process will be complete and the hob will automatically stop the cooking plate. The three and four zone hobs also lets you set timer for up to 99 minutes and it makes sure that once the time is up, cooking zones are turned off.  

best induction hobs
  • 9 Power Levels

The CIARRA kitchen appliance contains no manual buttons to check temperature and choose cooking process like simmer, boil, slow cook, braise and so on. As you choose the level, the digital sensor will also let you check on the heating level of the hobs with three and four cooking zones.    

  • Slider Touch Feature

The CIARRA hob models namely CBBIH3B-OW, CBBIH3BF-OW with three cooking zones and the hobs with four cooking zones come with efficient slider touch control that lets you adjust the power just by siding right or left as per needed. There is no need to push any button as the smart sensor detects any movement as you choose the temperature from 0 to 9.

  • Pause Function

If you need to attend to some other task in between cooking something on the induction hob, all you need to do is touch the pause button that will stop the cooking process immediately and make sure that it does not cause any harm if touched until the pause function is deactivated. You can restore the settings by simply tapping the button again and it will start the cooking process.

  • Boost Feature

You do not have to touch the buttons again and again to increase or decrease the temperature as the advanced kitchen appliances from CIARRA come with Boost feature to reach the maximum temperature level instantly. The CBBIH3B and CBBIH3BF hobs with three cooking zones can reach to maximum of 2400W, 2000W and 3000W power from 2000W, 1600W and 2600W respectively for left front, rear and right front burners. At the same time, the hobs with four cooking zones can reach up to 2400W, 2000W, 2000W    and 2400W power respectively from 2000W, 1600W, 1600W and 2000W for left front and rear and right front and rear burners.

best induction hobs
  • Flex Zone(s)

The CBBIH3BF built-in induction hob with three cooking zones and the CBBIH4BF-OW hob with four cooking zones come with one Flex Zone combined by 3 and 4 zones respectively, the CBBIH4BFF-OW model with four cooking zones has two flex zones created by combine two zones each. The zones can automatically detect any movement of the containers with the movement sensor.

The touch control feature for child locking mechanism helps turning off the hob functions when you leave it unattended in presence of kids or pets. Besides, the residual heat indication on the touch panel keeps you aware when the hob surface is warm even after the cooking process is turned off.  

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