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How To Unlock Induction Hob

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If you have kids or pets in your house, there is high risk of them accidentally coming in contact with your induction cooktop. If the cooktop is switched off, there will not be any issue, but in case you have accidentally left the burner turned on, there can be some unfortunate hazards to your loved ones. To avoid any such issues, CIARRA has brought to you the safe and stylish CBBIG3-OW induction hob with in-built locking mechanism. 

best induction hobs


A locking feature not only makes sure that you do not end up switching on the burner when not necessary but also keeps it locked and safe from accidents. Before you learn about the unlocking mechanism, just remember a few things –

  • Always make sure that the burners are cooled down i.e. wait for a few minutes after you have finished cooking and powered off the hob. Do not move it around the kitchen before it has cooled down.
  • Each induction cooktop model from CIARRA comes with a user manual that will help you through the locking and unlocking features. Even though you have used another model from CIARRA, as each model is slightly different from the other, it is better to check the manual instead of trying by yourself.
  • The cooktop locking mechanism is still not 100% secure because the pets and kids might still hurt themselves or cause some damage if left to roam around the kitchen unattended. Make sure you keep a close eye. 

Locking The Induction Hob 

The cooktop or hob lock can be activated by following the procedures –

  • Switch on the main power on the board and on the hob. It will activate your induction hob. 
  • Set all the three hotplates of the hob to setting 2 and then switch them off one by one from left to right without missing any. 
  • Now, long press the main power button for five second at least until you hear a beeping sound that is the signal that your child safety lock is activated. 
  • Unlocking The Induction Hob   

    Just as you do for locking the hob, reversing the same process will help in unlocking. Unlocking in CIARRA induction hob is quite simple and to help you out, here are the details –

    1. Long press the main power button for ten seconds at least 
    2. Release the button and attempt to switch on the hob
    3. If the cooktop is unlocked already, you can switch it on

    In unlocking the cooktop, you should never place your palm or let any part of your skin touch the burner or cooktop. Just put a cookware filled with water on the hob to check whether the burner starts to make a heating sound or the water starts to boil. Beware because the hob can get extremely hot within seconds of turning it on and therefore, can cause damage to skin. 

    Know The Features Of Induction Hob

    The smart induction hob comes with a few security features including the child safety lock that prevents kids and pets from switching on the heat. Another safety feature is the residual heat indicators, which will light up even though the controls are switched off and indicate you that the crystal glass surface of the hob is still hot and dangerous to touch. 

    The model also comes with Pause Function that can guarantee you utmost safety and convenience in the kitchen. With only a single touch, you can pause the cooking procedure practically when you need to attend any other task or monitor your little ones. Once you are ready to cook again, the original settings can be restored again by tapping the control. 

    From digital sensors to multifunctional timer controls, three cooking zones to controlling nine power levels –the CIARRA induction hob can help you incredibly in making the cooking process easy and safe.      

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