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Selecting the right cooker hood for a kitchen-cum-living room

Selecting the right cooker hood for a kitchen-cum-living room - CIARRA

If you live in a smaller space that is not a lavish mansion but a small cozy house like a studio apartment, there is nothing you are short of. You can still taste the best of splurging kitchen appliances with amazing cooker hood collection from CIARRA. It depends on how big a dwelling you want, depending on various factors like family size, lifestyle, budget, and location preferences. So, what if you have a small family, a cozy place you call your own and want to buy the best small kitchen extractor hoods so that the whole space remains hygienic, well-organized, and updated like an ultra-chic interior.



So, the best way to know how you can choose the best cooker hood for your kitchen attached to the living room is to have a look at the cooker hood by CIARRA. There are three types of cooker hoods which you can find at the website: 

  1. Wall mount hoods (often suggested for houses with ample space and bigger kitchens).
  1. Island cooker hoods (suggested for cooktops that rest on island shelves with a separate cooking area having a wise space in the kitchen)
  1. Integrated cooker hoods (best for the small houses where kitchens are adjoining the living area).

Therefore, the best selection for the small size kitchens would be CIARRA’s under-cabinet cooker hood fan that is installed easily under a cabinet or even inside a cabinet:


Slim and sleek cooker hood by CIARRA

The cooker hoods look very sleek and elegant when fixed under the cabinet, and they are perfect for small size kitchens. They are the ductless chimneys that work wonderfully and absorb all the oily fumes coming out of the dish very efficiently. They are made of stainless steel material, ultra-thin items, and weigh as low as 5 kg. They can be installed via the DIY method and the detailed video of the installation can be found on CIARRA’s website.


Integrated chimney cooker hood for an odor-free experience

Most people feel when the family size and the house if small what would be the need to install a cooker hood. Well, it needs to be understood that the smaller space will have lesser ventilation and a good system for disposing of the cooking fumes would be required to keep the whole house fresh, breezy and hygienic, so integrated cooker hoods are the ones to catch hold of.


A noise-controlled experience 

There are three buttons on the chimney to maintain the desired speed of extraction of the heat from the cooktop. The maximum sound that one would hear is 55dB (A) which is fine for a working chimney in a small house. With this amazing noise control principle of working you know that you have invested in an elegant kitchen appliance which is certainly the best powerful ductless recirculating cooker hood for your place. So you may host a dinner for close friends in the festive season knowing that you will greet them with a misty air around.


Hence, you have all the reasons to believe that how integrated cooker hood can save space, energy, and time in all the time-consuming market research. It is the brand CIARRA that you can trust and leave all your kitchen anxieties outside your home.


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