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Stylish and efficient cooker hood for a kitchen makeover

wall mounted hoods

Willing to give a glamorous look to your kitchen? Fancy and aesthetic cookware instantly give a glamorous touch to your kitchen.

 Over the years, kitchens have evolved from rooms dedicated to food preparation to multipurpose living spaces. Increasingly, cooker hoods are being utilised to do far more than just extracting fumes, smells and moisture. These stylish cooker hoods also safeguard our furnishings and our health. Besides, they are installed to provide the kitchen with striking features. Thankfully, CIARRA cooker hoods serve all of these purposes. Installing smart technology to extract all fumes and moistures is the right way to save the furnishing of your kitchen. At the same time, there are some features that you should consider before you head to buy a cooker top. We have discussed some of the features that you must look at before buying a cooker hood. 

Irrespective of the size of the kitchen, you need an extractor to keep your odour – grease-free. Also, it will help you stop dampening the kitchen walls from excess condensation. Well, we are plenty of designs to tickle your taste buds – but you need to choose as per the size of the kitchen.

So how to figure out what is best or your kitchen? Let's walk you through the various types of cooker hoods that you can install in your kitchen to make your kitchen look trendy and stylish.

wall mounted hoods

Wall-mounted cooker hoods

If you have sufficient space in your kitchen then you can install a T-shaped inverted chimney extractor on the wall above the hob. There is various CIARRA kitchen hood ranging from wall mounted hoods to CIARRA touch control angled cooker hoods. You can look at them and can buy as according to your need. We also have other wall-mounted cooker hoods that might be more aesthetically pleasing.

Angle wall-mounted cooker hoods

If your kitchen is small or you lack sufficient space and at the same time you are looking for something more stylish. Then angle wall mounted cooker hoods from CIARRA can be your perfect solution. Buy an angle wall-mounted design that is less intrusive than other cooker hood options. Give your classic-designed kitchen a modern twist with our all-new CIARRA angle wall-mounted cooker hoods.

wall mounted hoods

Save space with canopy cooker hood

For a small kitchen canopy, kitchen hoods are the ideal choice as they fit onto the underside of the cabinets above the hob. So if you are looking for something that will give a modern touch to your classic and stylish kitchen then go for this. What's more? Canopy wall mounted cooker hood are perfect for people who want a minimalist look as the extractor doesn't intrude on the kitchen design.

How to upgrade your classic kitchen to a modern kitchen?

A classic kitchen with modern accessories is becoming a trend. Revamping your classic kitchen with our innovative and smart CIARRA kitchen appliances offers you an extra level of aesthetic charm. Among these appliances curved cooker hood with glass finishes, whose clean spaced creates an appealing contrast with your wooden cabinets.

wall mounted hoods

So if you are willing to give your kitchen a modern and trendy look you can install stainless steel chimney cooker hood or glass finished cooker hood.  

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