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The Best Under Cabinet Range Hood in 2021

The Best Under Cabinet Range Hood in 2021

When looking for the best appliances of 2021 for efficient air circulation system in the kitchen, you will come across numerous results that can be quite confusing. To make the matter more daunting, you will see that there are various types of cooker hoods, for example, hanging island hoods, wall affixed hoods and integrated hoods. CIARRA has always made sure that there is something for everyone and therefore, it has the most compact and convenient integrated kitchen hoods that you can fit beneath the cabinet, therefore called under cabinet range hoods. CIARRA has three variants of integrated under cabinet hoods, which are available in UK version too.

CIARRA CBCS6903-OW 60cm Slim Integrated Hood

This kitchen range hood available in black and silver variants and in UK version is the most compact choice for those having relatively narrower space beneath the cabinet. The benefits of this range hood are as followed –

  • You can get one, two or three sets of carbon filters for this hood according to the requirement of filtration and the acrylic filter will offer great service if replaced in two-four months.
  • It runs at 220m3 per hour speed with the three-speed motor that is able to extract significant cooking odor, smoke and other gas to keep the kitchen clean.
  • This CIARRA kitchen appliance has recirculation mode that can recycle the air within the vent and therefore, you do not need to add exhaust pipe outside. However, there is also 1.5m pipe with installation kit to vent the air outside.
  • The stainless steel body has push buttons to choose three fan speeds and switch on or off the 2W LED light while the metal filter captures moisture efficiently.   

CIARRA CBCS5913A-OW 52cm Integrated Hood    

With replaceable carbon filter, this 52cm cooking hood can help recirculating air with three power levels. The benefits include –

  • Running at a great speed of 300m3per hour, this medium-sized cooking hood will let you choose from the slow, medium and high power levels as per your culinary requirement.
  • These kitchen appliances come with 1.5m pipe for outdoor venting although that is not mandatory, thanks to the inside vent for recirculation.
  • Switch on and off the hood, turn on and off the two lights or adjust the three power levels of the fan speed, the stainless steel buttons make everything possible.
  • The rectangular aluminum grease filter keep the cooking area free of smoke, oil, grease and other gas. In front of the filter, two 2W energy-saving LEDs are included for lightening up the counter.   

CIARRA CBCS6906D-OW 60cm Telescopic Integrated Hood

The cooker hood with both exhaust and recirculating system can be an upgrade from the one mentioned above if you cook more frequently and have a larger countertop. This telescopic hood comes with rocker control and activated carbon filter included. The benefits of using this hood are –

  • With a speed of 370m3per hour, this efficient telescopic hood has two power levels that can be adjusted easily by pressing the steel buttons on the body.
  • While the in-built carbon filter helps in proper suctioning of grease, fume, vapor and residual odor from cooking or cooked food and recirculating the air inside the vent, the exhaust system helps in removal of the unwanted oil and smoke through the 1.5m duct outside.
  • These cooking appliances suitable for small and medium-sized kitchens come with aluminum filter to capture grease right from the cooking range to reduce your time invested in cleaning the kitchen.
  • The two 1W LED lights are attached on each side of the aluminum filter to help in directional lighting for cooking without worrying about consuming too much energy.  


Now, coming to the benefits of the under cabinet ranges, you would agree that these hoods are not obvious to the eyes at first glance and do not take up much space. As each system is perfectly fit beneath the cabinet range above the kitchen countertop, these will add more convenience to the user.  

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