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Which appliance cooks faster and safer, Induction hobs or gas burners?

Which appliance cooks faster and safer, Induction hobs or gas burners? - CIARRA

Cooking is a never-ending cycle! You need to fuel up the body now and then to keep going. Before school, before office, or even for a stay-at-home person, the kitchen never closes unless you retire for the night to catch some sleep. So, the whole fight is on how to ease up this process of cooking? It not only requires stirring the ingredients, but the process begins from washing the food items to chopping the, marinating, cooking, and cleaning.

We often buy choppers and whiskers to ease the cooking process but hardly do we ever consider changing the whole idea of cooking so that the kitchen is a happy place to be in which is less exhausting.

So, how can you ease the whole experience in the kitchen, so that after-hours that you spend scrubbing and cleaning the mess is also sorted? So, the present-day way of cooking is considering the use of induction hobs instead of the age-old traditional gas burners that we have been using.

Which one is more efficient and fast, Induction Hob or Gas Burners?

Talk to your grandmother, and she will suggest you cooking on a gas burner because that what she has been doing for years. She would have cooked the best of recipes all her life in her cozy kitchen with a gas stove. On discovering, the need of the hour, which is ‘time’, one would want to cut on this age-old method.

 It is fair to say that induction hobs work on electromagnetic induction heating which is an efficient way to cooking because no heat is lost, unlike the way it does on gas stoves. Since 100% of the heat generated on the induction hob is being absorbed by the food being cooked; it will turn out sooner and quicker than the one being cooked on gas because there is a good amount of loss of heat. 

Added benefits of an induction hob to the faster and safer cooking process

  • Safety features in induction hob

Since the induction hobs use no direct flames there is no chance of catching fire accidentally as there in the case of gas stoves. Therefore, eliminating that list will ensure stress-free faster cooking on the induction hob.

  • Comfort and Maintenance 

This is the age of cooking intelligently, where you can make your dish taste better by reducing the time and efforts you can put into the whole process. Therefore, to make it fast and comfortable Portable Induction Hob range is there to turn you into a wonder-chef with these highly accommodating glass-ceramic cooktops, unlike the heavy-duty and space crunching traditional gas stoves.

CIARRA Portable Induction Hob 16 Amp Plug 3500W Double Hotplate with Touch Control
  • Safe and smart cooking by CIARRA Induction cooktops

Get an instant reply from this smart induction hob as it switches itself off when the utensil is lifted from it (in 30 seconds). The child lock is further, which a sigh of relief to all the households who indulge in making the best of this facility available. It has the sensor touch technology as well, and you can set watts and temperature according to the dish you are cooking to enable auto-shut when you are away taking a nap. 

Once you are relaxed, it organically will become a fast and quick process of cooking because you will be cooking with the right energy and spirits. Peeking into all these stunning features, it can be concluded that induction hobs are the kitchen appliances to invest in for faster cooking.

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