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Choose the best Electric Smokeless grill with portable size

indoor electric grill

From Filet Mignon to New York Strip, Porterhouse to Rib Eye –there are several types of steak cuts that will make your mouth water. Do you often feel the craving to visit the nearest steakhouse to have those juicy meats, but cannot because those are not served for free! Worry no more as CIARRA has brought to you the portable high-performance electric grill so that you can prepare your choice of steak right at home. While having steak outdoors, it is often found that the meat is not cooked as per your choice or the portion is not sufficient. Besides, you might not even find free time or proper weather to go out for dinner, which is solved by the smokeless grills.

indoor electric grill

Reasons Why Smokeless Grills Can Be Great Options

Available in two variants and in surprisingly affordable cost, the CIARRA electric grills will be worth every penny while serving you for years to come. Here are the features that make the CIARRA grills so convenient –

  • Energy-Efficient Heating Mechanism

Using renewable energy instead of non-renewable sources like charcoal and natural gas, the charcoal grills will help you make the perfectly cooked steak within minutes. It has internal heating technology that works at 230V or 2200W and the highest temperature can go up to 850-degree Centigrade at maximum charging.  

indoor electric grill
  • Different Temperature Range Available

As one of the convenient cooking appliances, the grills come with six layered grill bars to help you choose the proper temperature according to the type of steak and your palate. While the bar at the bottom heats up to 550-degree Centigrade, that at the top can heat up to 85-degree.  

  • Maintaining Nutrients With Minimal Cooking Time

As mentioned above, the grills take only minutes to prepare a steak and therefore, you can be assured that the food will retain its natural nutrients and vitamins needed for your health maintenance. The steak thus prepared is devoid of excessive fat while the appliance will not emit too much smoke –you kitchen will remain fresh i.e. will hardly need any cleaning up after the job is done.

  • Authentic Materials Used In The Grill

Both the internal and external walls of the electric grills are made of high-quality stainless steel, therefore, you will not have to worry about rusting and brittleness. The handles are made of aluminum to add sturdiness. You can easily take out the food or turn the steaks over conveniently with the drip tray added in the grill. Whether you use the grill indoors or outdoors, cleaning and maintenance are easy. You will not burn your hands while handling it.   

indoor electric grill
  • Convenient Heating On Two Layers

While the top grill emanates 850-degree Centigrade, you can easily cook the meat well within 1.5 minutes and medium within a minute on layer 2. For medium cooking, you will have to grill on second layer for a minute followed by 40 seconds on the other side of the meat. The infrared heating with lamp will help in even cooking with intense heat.

  • Also Suitable For Gourmet Pork And Vegetables

The indoor electric grill will help conjuring up caramelized crust of gourmet pork, chicken etc within 45 seconds to 2 minutes and if you want the insides of the meat juicy and tender, grill the meat on third layer for 90 seconds followed by 60 seconds on the other side and then transfer it to the second layer. Chicken wings can be cooked in the third layer –one side for 100 seconds and another for 85 seconds. For potato, use the sixth layer for up to 8 minute 40 seconds.   

Vegetables such as tomatoes, cauliflowers, peppers and onions can also be cooked at the bottom layer while the top layer is more suitable for chicken and pork chops and steaks. If you add a pizza stone, the grill can also be used for baking a bread pizza.  

Weighing only 12 kilograms, the electric grills are compact-sized and space-saving. Being portable, you can carry it around. Grilling will start as you plug in to the cord.    

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