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Bring the flavor indoor with CIARRA's Electric Smokeless grill

best indoor smokeless electric grill

Do you have a permanent and favorite steakhouse where you feel the taste is just as you like? If yes, you would be compelled to try out your culinary skill in preparing that same type of steaks and if not, you would feel like bringing your choice of flavors in the steaks made at home. Not many people are equipped with the electric grills as they consider these too pricey although that is not the case especially with the CIARRA smokeless indoor grill. Made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum, these smokeless grills are not only easy to use but also their unique heating mechanism helps maintaining the quality of food.

best indoor smokeless electric grill

Prepare Tasty Grilled Food With Smokeless Grills

Whether you are cooking chicken or pork, beef or vegetables, cooking will not take more than ten minutes. Besides, when you can prepare food as tasty as available at the restaurants outside, why spend your money? Even for those who do not cook frequently or find it hard to keep up with the temperature settings, this grill comes with 6 grill bars where the lowest temperature is 550 degree Celsius and the highest is 85 degree Celsius from bottom to top.  

  • Steak On Layer 2

If the steak at the steakhouse is undercooked or overcooked, you do not get your money back. However, at the comfort of home, when you are using the CIARRA electric grill, its carbon Infrared lamp heating mechanism will cook the meat evenly, leaving no portion charred or raw.

best indoor smokeless electric grill

As the best indoor smokeless electric grill, it will take not more than 1 minute and 30 seconds to have the meat well done and only a minute to prepare it medium. Only one minute grilling on second layer and then 40 seconds of grilling of the other side of the meat will give you medium rare meat that is juicy inside and crunchy outside.        

  • Pork On Layer 2 And 3

Enjoy the roasted aroma as the grill helps preparing that caramelized crusts within not more than two minutes. For preparing the pork chops and other delicacies, you will need only around 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

To grill pork, you have to keep the meat pieces for 90 seconds on the third layer and then flip the meat on the other side to grill that part for a minute. Now, transfer the nearly done meat to the second layer and heat it for 40 seconds.  

  • Chicken Wing On Layer 3

Now you can prepare those crunchy finger-licking chicken wings right at home without stepping outside and spending money. Grilling chicken wings is as easy as it sounds and will take only 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

Grill the wings on third layer for 100 seconds and flip them to the other side. Grill this side for 85 seconds to come up with the restaurant-like crispy chicken wings.

  • Potato And Vegetables on Layer 6

The electric grill will help you bake and grill different kind of vegetables like potatoes, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, pepper, bell pepper and so on at the bottom layer or sixth layer. The cooking time is slightly greater than meat because you need the vegetables slow cooked to retain the flavor. For example, you need only 8 minutes and 40 seconds to get the potatoes grilled for mashed potato sides to eat with meats.   

best indoor smokeless electric grill
  • Sliced Bread On Layer 6

Whether you grill cheese on bread or with total pizza toppings on the bread, the electric grills will help you heat up sliced bread within 35 seconds only. The heating of the bottom layer does not exceed 35 seconds and therefore, in case of pizza and burgers, you need to heat it up a few times to get the best results.

Fish, calamari, prawn, duck, chicken, turkey, ham, beef, pork and various other kinds of cut meats can be grilled easily with the CIARRA indoor grills. Unlike packaged foods and restaurant foods, these prepared at home will not have reduced nutrients due to over-cooking and the taste will be authentic instead of that smoky smell.  

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