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Enjoy the healthy meal with perfect Induction hob

best portable induction cooktop

Cooktops or induction hobs can be the safest options to cook when you are not comfortable with natural gas burners or have kids at home. Portable and light-weight, the built-in hobs and portable single or double induction hobs will help you prepare food without using the non-renewable energy. The plug-and-play feature makes way for ease of function and the efficient temperature settings will keep up the quality of food. As one of the most indispensable cooking appliances, CIARRA induction hobs are available in two variants i.e. built-in and portable hobs that are affordable and will be a long-term investment. Here are your options –

best portable induction cooktop

Built-In Hob With Three Zones

With boost and FlexZone, the CIARRA built-in hob features 99 minutes timer and maximum power of 6500 Watts while that with only Boost has 6200 Watts maximum power. It has three seamless cooking zones with voltage rating of 220-240V for easy and quick culinary operations. The slider touch feature makes way for easy adjustment of the temperature without using pressure i.e. you can choose the desired temperature level by sliding or choose the ‘keep warm’ function in case you want any food to remain fresh and warm for a few minutes.

There is no need to clutter the food containers or try to adjust into the limited burner circle section as the hob comes with three high-quality cooking areas that can easily be combined to make one large flexible big zone in case you are cooking in a long or large pan, pressure cooker or BBQ griddle. The hob can detect the area of the container automatically when you move the pot to the rear or front end and maintain the same power to heat it up.

best portable induction cooktop

This CIARRA kitchen appliances has nine heating levels to be adjusted with Slider Regulation Keys and if you want to reach the maximum power, just use the boost feature. Besides, in terms of safety, it has child lock mechanism that prevents accidental turning on the heat by your pet or little ones. With residual heat indication, you will understand whether the hob surface is hot after the controls are turned off.

2000W Induction Hob With Touch Control And Timer Function

With eight power levels ranging from 300 Watts to 2000 Watts and eight temperature ranges from 60-degree Celsius to 240-degree Celsius, the hob offers you multifunctional cooking. The timer function is from 0 to 99 minutes and it has in-built EMC for seamless anti-interference performance. You can keep bowls, pots and other compatible containers having 12-28 cm diameter.

The acoustic on-off switch and child safety lock features will make way for secured operation and the hob is also easy to clean as its surface is made up of eco-friendly glass-ceramic. Heating will turn off after thirty seconds of lifting the pan and cooking process will be interrupted once you remove the cookware.

best portable induction cooktop

3500W Double Hotplate Induction Hob With Touch Control  

If you want more convenience while cooking in two containers at the same time, go for the induction hob with double hotplate. From 60-degree Celsius to 240-degree Celsius, there are ten temperature ranges to choose from along with nine power levels from 0 Watt to 3500 Watts. The slim design with two separate cooking areas is perfect for using both inside your kitchen and for outdoor camping. The two cooking sections are powered by two separate systems and both come with light sensor touch feature to sense the containers.

You can set a three hour timer to close the plate once you are done cooking so that the food remains fresh and warm. No heat loss is experienced with the electromagnetic induction heating mechanism. Heating will automatically stop after a minute of lifting the pan for better security and like other variants from CIARRA, it also has safety lock to avoid accidents from touching.

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